Favorite Rider? Or A Great rider?

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9/6/2013 7:45 PM

Whos your favoreite rider.? Or who do you think is among the best??

My favorite is Mark Webb.
One of the greats is cam harddy.


9/6/2013 8:06 PM

Matt hoffman


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9/6/2013 8:15 PM

do a search on these dumb ass threads... one is made every fuckin week


9/7/2013 2:04 PM

My favorites :

Tom Dugan
Aaron Ross
Sean Burns
Adam Banton
Jason Felan
Kyle Baldock
Brett Benasawiecz
Brocka Flocka
Hoang Tran

I'm gonna need bigger bars

9/8/2013 12:05 AM
Edited Date/Time: 9/8/2013 12:51 AM

My favourite riders:
Adam Banton
Bobbie Altiser
TJ Henderson
Ben Hucke
Deven Ferrer
Tate Roskelly
Erik Elstran
Karl Poynter
Troy Merkle
Kyle Hart
Dirt Ron
Rob Ridge
Charlie Crumlish


9/8/2013 12:28 AM

harry main, alex coleborn, chad kerley, garreeeeettt.


9/8/2013 7:18 AM

Disgusted no one's mentioned the hawk yet


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Holy shit Chad Degroot posted in my Good porn thread!

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9/8/2013 8:45 AM

Roqfan wrote:

Disgusted no one's mentioned the hawk yet

Meh old news


9/8/2013 10:13 AM

Joel Bondu and Konrad Szabo


9/8/2013 6:36 PM

Roqfan wrote:

Disgusted no one's mentioned the hawk yet

This. One of the greatest to ever do it.


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9/8/2013 6:38 PM
Edited Date/Time: 9/8/2013 6:39 PM

pat king
tommy gunn
mr poop
david grant
tony malouf
tom dugan
ben lewis
gary d
rickey bates
sean burns
colt fake


This week's Sweet Shoutout goes to: biggybuggy!

9/8/2013 8:38 PM

Mike "Hucker" Show me someone else who can front flip out of a hang 5
or Josh stricker


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9/9/2013 2:39 AM

chad kerley and chase hawk!


9/9/2013 5:20 AM

Diogo Santos , sick!


9/9/2013 7:10 AM

has to be hands down chris doyle ,chase hawk and garrett reynolds


9/9/2013 2:06 PM

Joe Rich!!


9/9/2013 6:29 PM

To be honest all of these riders are great but to me there is one rider that really made the sport what it is today. Matt Hoffman is my favorite rider. He Created a lot of what bmx is today.I mean personally as a rider I love street and dirt but I love going high and far! I mean you see Zack Warden and Jamie Bestwick throwing these huge tricks on the mega ramp, but none of it would have ever been possible without Matt Hoffman.