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12/19/2016 8:38 PM

What's your favorite trick and why? Do you like watching others do the trick or do you actually enjoy preforming the maneuver??


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12/19/2016 9:05 PM

My favourite tricks to watch are the classics done with style...

Even a plain old bunny hop looks amazing when it's huge and pulled off with perfect technique.

Watching a sloppy triple whip or something just isn't anywhere near as cool.


12/19/2016 9:15 PM
Edited Date/Time: 12/19/2016 9:22 PM

Horse wheelies....


12/19/2016 9:18 PM

I can't decide. I think my top 5 to do are as followed

Crankflips- I've been doing them since before they became popular again. They're so versatile. In & out of grinds or manuals, half cabs, footjams, etc. They just so fun to do for some reason.

Dipped 360s- They feel so awesome to blast. Especially mid 360 when it feels like you're slowly floating through the air with your nose pointed down. I love it.

Downside whips- More of a favorite feeling trick. Some setups I can land them no problem on, others it's a long battle, so they frustrate me sometimes. But landing a clean one is so cool feeling.

Footjam whips- Another cool feeling trick, but I actually love doing this one.

Manual 180s- These just feel great when you get a good pop out of one and roll away clean. Plus you can use it to spruce up any line where you'd normally just manual something. Quick manual 180s are nice too.

Favorite to see done by others are turndowns. I need to preface this by saying I HATE ones that look like they're yanked in super fast. They just look odd to me. Ones that are slowly folded in look so stylish in my opinion anyway


12/19/2016 9:33 PM

Favorite trick to watch/perform would be vader jams and tailwhips.


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12/19/2016 10:43 PM

I like barspins love hate relationship with them


12/19/2016 11:57 PM

Favourite trick to do are pedal endo slides and tables. I love the feeling of a good hop too.

I don't really have favourite tricks to watch, I like originality and style more than a trick. It ain't what you do, it's the way that you do it


12/20/2016 12:03 AM
Edited Date/Time: 12/20/2016 12:11 AM

I love a good old 360, on a gap or dipped on a jump (even if I don't ride as much jumps as I would like to).

Popped 180's with rear wheel higher and half cab feels good too downstairs.

I also love any kind of grinds, I a currently learning to do some proper toothpick over because this is an amazing feeling (some long ones and on curbs to learn how to not case that backend, it's in a good way).

Footplants feels so damn good too.


12/20/2016 7:08 AM

I like to ride trails and park so my favorite tricks are manual, t-bog, table top and turndown.. I can't even do them but I'll learn them new season, can't wait :-)


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12/20/2016 8:40 AM


Because it's a medium difficulty trick that can be combined with just about any other trick and look and feel good when done.


12/20/2016 9:04 AM

Hops while going super fast


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12/20/2016 9:04 AM



12/20/2016 9:30 AM

Manual foot plant 180s.