Favourite Bmx Team?

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9/2/2013 12:41 AM

What's your favourite bmx team, and who do you think they should add/kick to the team....

Favourite Team: Cinema, it has all my favourite riders on it.

Add/Kick: Randy Taylor if he was still with us... R.I.P Randy


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9/2/2013 12:58 AM



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9/2/2013 9:36 AM

Your add or kick ruined this thread


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9/2/2013 10:21 AM

Total BMX


9/2/2013 10:31 AM

I like the Fit team and all the riders on it but the Bone Death team is really fun to watch.


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9/2/2013 10:58 AM

Little devil back in the day.........haros teams pretty stacked......Hoffmans getting better


9/2/2013 11:32 AM

deadline, cinema, or federal


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9/2/2013 5:42 PM

Cult Crew.


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9/2/2013 5:49 PM

Total, Bone Deth. Cult I guess. I love their riders but I'm really getting tired of cult. I don't know.


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9/2/2013 6:58 PM

Team Mango.



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9/2/2013 7:08 PM

I would have to say the Sun team. just so much talent and fun to watch. make some great rims too


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9/2/2013 7:15 PM

I like S&M and odyssey

I think S&M should eric L just because that would be awsome.


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9/2/2013 8:51 PM

Fit because of dugan and odyssey because dugan and a ross.


9/3/2013 12:19 PM

Federal. Bruno, Lacey and Stevie are sick, and Ollie Evans is coming up aswell!


9/3/2013 4:42 PM

Cult, Bone Deth, Odyssey, and Animal.
Cult is stacked, Bone Deth are badass, Animal is just core street.


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9/3/2013 4:43 PM

Cult is stacked, Bone Deth is badass, Animal is street as it gets. Cult has Dak, Dehart, and Chase Hawk those are my three favorite riders right there plus Charlie Crumlish.


I dont say stupid things, just no one knows what im talking about.

9/3/2013 4:52 PM

Redline and Bonedeth are the first ones that come to mind.


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9/3/2013 4:53 PM

I would have to say Total and Colony.


9/3/2013 6:10 PM

Nike, Odyssey, Cult.


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9/3/2013 7:42 PM

Odyssey, gsport,


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9/3/2013 8:06 PM

Odyssey and Fit mainly. Apart from that, Animal, Skavenger, and some other super street groups. I can't think of much atm.


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