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3/23/2016 7:07 PM

Just wondering what everyone's. Mine personally would be either Augie Simoncini, or Charlie Crumlish.


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3/23/2016 7:30 PM

If it is just favorite rider to watch, I'm a big fan of Adam Banton, rides what and how he wants and rocks front and rear brakes.

As to favorite that I've met, Erik Elstran is a rad dude and super fun to watch and ride with.


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3/23/2016 9:54 PM

Garrett Reynolds will always be my #1

Lately been liking Devon , Bruno , all the street guys . Park riders like Ryan Guettler to people like Logan Martin really make me want to ride. The local dirt guys kill it too .

Ultimately anyone who isn't a total cunt on a bike would be someone id want to be with


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3/23/2016 11:13 PM

Steve Crandall. I feel like a bit of a fanboy, but he's well and truly in this for all the right reasons.


3/23/2016 11:19 PM

Scotty Cranmer
Ben Hittle
Seth Kimbrough
John Ludwick


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3/23/2016 11:31 PM

adam22 for sure


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3/24/2016 12:57 AM

logan martin
scotty cranmer
cory berglar


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3/24/2016 5:27 AM

Erik Elstran
Maybe Scotty Cranmer


3/24/2016 5:44 AM

Joe Rich
Chris Moeller


3/24/2016 5:46 AM

Oh, George French too.


3/24/2016 7:23 AM

Willy the trap lord
Sean Burns


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3/24/2016 7:26 AM

Hoder Burns Gerber.Fake.Trey Jones.adam lz


3/24/2016 8:58 AM

Joe Rich
Brian Kachinsky


3/24/2016 9:32 AM

Street: Karl Poynter
Trails: Joey Cordova
Park: Dave Mirra
Vert: Jamie Bestwick


3/24/2016 11:41 AM

Scotty Cranmer got a great personality and I love his youtube channel. It makes me want to go ride and have fun, and I love how he includes other aspects of his life too,

Grant Castelluzo is just a good all around dude and I like his style,

Randy Taylor (RIP) got me into riding, and I own his v2.5 sig frame that I've been riding since it was released, so even with him not alive, he'll always be my favorite.


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3/25/2016 2:17 AM

Gary Young


3/25/2016 5:01 AM

Sean Burns

Colt Fake

Erik Elstran


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3/25/2016 8:39 AM

Gary Young, Aaron Ross, Broc Bradford, Tom Dugan

Had the pleasure of meeting these guys recently, they were super nice and fun to be around.


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3/25/2016 12:34 PM

I've met Justin Spriet before. He was super dope and helped me choose my current frame.


3/25/2016 2:47 PM

Coopers25 wrote:

I've met Justin Spriet before. He was super dope and helped me choose my current frame.

Yeah he's a pretty chill dude, I'm pretty sure he was high the entire time my friends and I were hanging out with him. lol


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3/25/2016 6:12 PM

Tough for just one, I'll name my 3.

Kriss Kyle - Style for days, always look to him for my next trick idea.
Alex Hiam - Goes big, he's been a favorite since day one of my riding.
Jay Dalton - Most creative and original dude to ever pick up a bike.


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