Favourite dirt jumpers to watch

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11/2/2013 6:47 PM

Redbull dreamline airs in a week........who's your favourite dirt jumpers to watch
I'd say my top 3 latly are tj Ellis, hucker, and Colton satterfield .......favourite trick to see is a super stretched superman seat grab


11/2/2013 7:05 PM

Chris Doyle , Dennis Enarson , Brian Foster , and Kyle Baldock for mainstream dirt.

I think the coolest tricks are steezy can-cans or whip-to-whiplash !


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11/2/2013 7:20 PM

Clint Reynolds is the fucking man! I love watching him ride dirt jumps. He's got such a crazy amount of style.


11/2/2013 7:46 PM

Hucker, foster and of course always aitken

Favorite trick probably a truck driver over a huge gap.


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11/2/2013 8:17 PM

Foster, Aitken, Hawk, Hucker, Reynolds, Priest, Bohan, Ruben, Robbo, Roe, Ginch, Inman, Jared Carter, Fliarty, Layos, Lantschner, Rich, Dugan, Aquizap, Enarson, Kyle, Doyle, Manchester, Zurita, Osburn, Molineri, Roche, Wallace, Rushmore, Ryan Lloyd, Foley, Mulville, Jones, Slattery, Yeagle, Badger, Fox, Matt Cordova, Jason Watts, Setmeyer, Eltham, Illingworth, Dylan Lewis, Lil Jon......

Just one?
Mike Aitken or Ryan Lloyd or Matt Roe in that order.


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11/3/2013 12:43 AM

Mulville, Hucker, Aitken, Clint Reynolds and the Forte brothers.


11/3/2013 4:05 AM



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