Federal D-Watts and 20/20 fork... what's the word?

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12/10/2009 8:20 PM

Are these frames good? How about this fork -- v. Odyssey? Let me know what you think. Thanks!


12/10/2009 9:13 PM

frame loks alrite but for forks go odyssey


12/10/2009 9:20 PM

theres better parts out there


funtington wrote :Have a really fat friend who rides them and they are totally solid.
Then again he sucks at riding, then again he is fat as fuck.
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12/11/2009 5:15 AM
Edited Date/Time: 4/14/2016 11:25 PM

Do you mean for the forks or the frame, or both. I can def tell you love your Fit. Looks like that is just S&M...

Is Federal made by someone else?