Federal Freecoaster V3 info

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8/11/2016 3:09 AM

I bought this hub from a friend last year after my cassette exploded, just to get me by. It's LHD and I mostly grind on the left (pegless), which caused problems. I got my new cassette in and switched back. So, I lent out the coaster wheel. It made a few rounds and came back to me all fucked up. The driver is missing a tooth and the female axle is all stripped inside. I pulled it apart and everything else looks fine. I see La Casa has a male axle and driver that look like they may work with this hub. I think I can tap the axle....I'm partial to female axles, but I just want to get this thing running so -
(A.) I can get rid of it, or
(B.) attempt to try switching the driver and clutch out to make it RHD so I can dabble on my back up bike.
The only thing I could see making the latter difficult is the threading of the sleeve that the clutch engages with. I could see it loosening with enough force over time. Anyone try this? Also, does anyone know where to get replacement female axles for this hub in Canada? Thanks.


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