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1/13/2009 9:39 PM

hey i am new to this forum and i am buying a new bike. i have been looking at fit, fbm, felt, and redline. the two bikes i have been interested in were the 2008 redline 7.1xl, and the felt pyre. i am 14 yrs old, i street, dirt, and little park. i weigh 150lbs, and i' am about 6'2'', my dealer sai that he would be able to get me the rl 7.1 for around $450, i have heard quite a bit of problems about the weight on the RL though. please help me out here, and sorry for such a long post.


1/13/2009 9:45 PM

since ur 6'2 you may want to look into which one as a longer top tube. weight dont really matter much as u can get used to it. and when you break u can replace with ligther parts or whatever. idk much about the redline 7.1, but if you like it, why not.


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1/13/2009 9:53 PM

wieght problems with the redline? like what? i've got the 7.1, only problem i found was the tires sucked ass, but it's easy enough to change. all in all, i'd say go for the redline, it's a solid bike for a decent price, and it's willing to take the abuse i give it. i'm 6'1 and 200 lbs, it's held up through everything so far


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1/14/2009 4:37 PM

the rl is pretty light depending on the model of the 7s from rl. the 7.1 would be nice. The 7.1 is very light but you're 6'2 so if you get a light bike you'll be able to whip it around easily haha. The 1.1 has the same tires and yes they do suck i hate them but the rest of the bike is pretty nice and that's the 1.1. the 7.1 would be amazing i don't have a job and i have to pay for it though...


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