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1/18/2016 1:24 PM

Was it a bad choice to buy the fiend Reynolds frame? I never really figured out how I like my geo


1/18/2016 2:01 PM

It is unwise to ask someone else whether a frame is right for you. Only you can know. Besides if you don't know whether you have a geo preference or not that means geo isn't that important to you. Only worry about the geo if you have gotten used to riding a specific geo. I say just get out and ride. Fiend is a good brand, as long as the frame fits you that's really all that matters. Besides even if you bought a frame with a different geo than what you're used to, after a day or two you will get used to it.


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1/18/2016 2:27 PM

What's your height and what TT length did you buy? Honestly you'll learn to ride whatever you have, however if you ride another bike with a different geo, you'll maybe like it more. Judging from the web, it comes in 20.5, 20.75, and 21 inches, pretty standard sizes.


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1/18/2016 2:33 PM

What frame did you have before, what was the geo on it?


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1/18/2016 3:32 PM

I almost bought a Fiend frame . Garrett runs it . What more do you need ? Dude is Jesus on a bike


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1/18/2016 4:44 PM

Brayden_Buckingham wrote:

I almost bought a Fiend frame . Garrett runs it . What more do you need ? Dude is Jesus on a bike

Are you saying Garretts going to get spiked to a cross ?


1/19/2016 12:28 AM

It's a decent frame, fairly middle of the road geo so should be a good all rounder. Only thing I can think that might hinder you is tt length as mentioned above. But if it's too long it will be more stable for boosting, too short and it will be easier for jibs. Take advantage of it for now and learn to ride how the frame suits. If you were to go for the opposite of what this frame is, you might never try boosting because it'll feel sketchier, or jibs because they'd be harder. Either way, you'll get used to it
Hope that makes sense?


1/19/2016 12:41 PM

Basically you can get into a ballpark idea of a good frame based on size of TT and rear end length. Then it becomes preference I think.

If they are signature frames a good idea what they are aimed for is the style of the rider on the frame.


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