Filming for Tree Bicycle Co.

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6/24/2016 3:14 PM

Sorry I haven't been active lately, guys. I've been doing a lot of video stuff lately. Just wanted to share that I've been hanging out with the guys over at Tree Bicycle Company lately and will be starting a few video projects with them soon. This is my first video with them. We spent a hot day in O'Fallon, IL getting clips and eating pizza. Let me know what you think!



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6/24/2016 4:29 PM

That's sweet. Keep it up !


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6/24/2016 5:24 PM


I wanna film an edit/take a trip soon. Just gotta get the OK from the wife to disappear for a weekend or something.


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6/24/2016 6:45 PM

I'm digg'n the video man. Keep it up the good work. Speaking of HOT... DAMN it was hot today. I was soaking wet when I came inside. Even my socks were sweaty. LOL. I don't see how you guys ride without gloves.