First BMX in my late 30s

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12/26/2019 10:01 PM

I started longboarding in my early 30s and 5 years later I'm so happy about that decision. Through exposure to skate culture, I recently took an interest in BMX and decided to give it the same shot I have boarding.

I just snatched an all original 2013 WeThePeople Reason from Craigslist to get me started. I'm 6' and weigh over 200lbs so I'm a little skeptical it's the right bike at 20.75", but I figure it will give me enough info for my next purchase if I like it.

If I can do 180s by summer I'll consider it a success. Wish me luck ๐Ÿ™‡โ€โ™‚๏ธ



12/26/2019 11:36 PM

I just started riding again and I just turned 35. Used to ride ages ago. 180s, manuals, fakies, 1 footers, and if you want to get real wild before summer the x-up or 360 tire tap. It's fun and tiring at first but keep at it.


12/27/2019 12:09 AM
Edited Date/Time: 12/27/2019 12:18 AM

I've taken it out a couple times and it's definitely a work out. Maybe it's a fit or fitness thing but I was surprised by effort. It seemed really upper-body intense. Back and arms especially.

Size wise, it definitely feels a little small. I tested the bars by standing with the bike against the wall and it felt a little tight. I adjusted them to 90deg vertical which feels better, but I'm thinking of a couple changes:

* Replace 8.7" bars with 10"
* Chop the bar width from 29" to 27"

I probably won't change anything until developing the mind-bike connection, but I'm a little skeptical of x-ups. Maybe I'll aim for a 360 tire-tap attempt on month 6 as incentive to get my 180s on lock ๐Ÿ˜‚


12/27/2019 6:08 AM

Glad to see you started getting into BMX in your late 30s! I recently got back into it 2 months ago at the ripe age of 38 after taking a 20 year hiatus, I have found that it is taking me some time to relearn some of my old tricks. In my teens, I mostly rode flatland with a bit of street/dirt and since I am only a 10 minute ride from a skate park, I am trying to do the whole "streetland" thing and having a blast with it.

My first month back into riding was tough since I was really out of shape but I've been riding consistently for (2) months and lost 10lbs in the process which is nice. Progression at this age will take a bit longer so don't get too discouraged since it just takes time the older you get. What helped me the most was finding a group of riders to help keep the motivation up and luckily for me, I found a group who recently all got back into riding the same time I did which has worked out well for me. As of now, I can only do basic flatland spin tricks (mcircles,megaspins) and can do 360s and 180 to fakie out of ramps.

Stretch a bunch before and after a session and you will do great!