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9/4/2017 11:03 AM

I've been reading everything you all have been posting for other folks that have asked this question so I know its nothing new. Hopefully I'll provide the right info for you all to share your experience to help me spend my money well.

Old dude (Yea my kids are enjoying the skate park and I don't like sitting around, I like playing). Closer to 50 than 40.
5'-9" usually between 180-190lbs. Road a lot of Mountain Bikes and trail riding when I was younger but never BMX until now. Our family goes to the San Jose Skate Park and I rent bikes from them, they have Fitbike but I'm not sure which model.

One store I went to was really pushing the Verde EON because of the sealed hubs and said it was quality. What I have read on here is that most of you are not fans of Verde and my weight might really punish that frame as well.

So now I am looking at:

Kink GAP
WTP Curse

Will either of those be a good starter bike? Is there a Fitbike or other brand you would recommend?

Thanks and looking forward to getting a bike and then buggin you all on how to do tricks...


9/4/2017 11:20 AM

Look at the Eastern Shovelhead... one of the best bklikes for the money... full chromoly frame, fork, and bars. Double walled rims front and rear and also sealed hubs and bottom bracket.... only $400


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9/4/2017 11:40 AM

Verde are good, but that model isn't full chromoly. Full chromoly isn't essential, but it's stronger and lighter. So it'll last longer, and hold its value better.

One thing I'd suggest is get something with a longer toptube, and chainstays. As an ex mtber, and fellow older guy, you'll appreciate the stability vs the twitchyness of modern street geometry. A 21" toptube, and anything longer than 13.3ish chainstays would be good, imo (I'm 36 and ride street, I can't get on with these super responsive bikes!)


9/4/2017 11:44 AM

These are worth a look too:


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9/4/2017 12:31 PM

Buy what you feel, you will have confidence in. If you are renting bikes and get a good feel for one of them. Maybe find something that is close to the same geometry or possibly the same bike/ parts.

Thinking about your Age. It would be tough "at-least for me" to direct you towards a bike or parts of it, with out knowing more.
No clue if your more into the technical side of park and street riding.
Or if you like to blast/flow and carve lines around the park quarters/ bowls etc. maybe the thought of trying some pump-tracks and or trails.

Instance: Even if you like Kink and have confidence in the brand plus like what the Gap gives you for the price, there is the possibility that the Gap XL would be a better fit.


9/4/2017 2:51 PM

The Hoffman Bama that was linked above is real good. I have the 25th anniversary edition and so far not had any major problems. Everything is really strong on the bike. Now only if I can stop fucking up my brakes


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9/5/2017 7:22 AM

If you are literally just "riding" like carving bowls or flatland stuff, id venture to say any bmx will suit you well. If you are wanting to do any high impact tricks, thats when chromoly matters most imo.


9/5/2017 9:37 AM
Edited Date/Time: 9/5/2017 9:38 AM

I am in the same boat as you for the most part...48, 5'11", 195lbs. Rode BMX in the 70's and 80's, then got into MTB in the 90's on. Got back into BMXing about 5 years ago as the step-son wanted to learn. I still use my 1988 Mongoose Californian Pro as I save up for a newer bike. Right now I have narrowed down my search to:

1. Verde Luxe: my number one pick. It has more "trail" or stable geo with a 74 HT angle, and a mid length chainstay. I could see my self riding it every "One Bike To Rule Them All"!! It is the priciest on my list...

2. the Hoffman 'Bama as well...also still has a 74 HT angle; great skeleton, but so-so parts..which I would replace as they wore out anyways with good parts

3. Colony Inception - has a 75 HT angle, but I could deal with that given the rest of the bikes specs

definitely follow this list as you select bikes though:

Things to look for in a BMX bike:
All of the skeletal structure that is going to bear weight should be full chromoly:
full frame -> front triangle(TT, DT, ST) AND seat stay and chainstay....full Chromoly
fork: both the steering tube and the legs...full Chromoly
the handle bars...full Chromoly
the crank arms and pedal axels....full Chromoly

Rims should be welded double walled for sure
Sealed bearings in the hubs and bottom bracket

For me, these are the MOST important things to look for to give you the best return on your investment. Every thing after this is “eye candy” to me at least.

After structure, geometry is the next most important thing.

For me, at least, I want to make a solid purchase that will last, especially a skeletal structure that will take some punishment. I would rather spend a bit more on the on-set, than nickel and dime my self to death with "less expensive" skeletal materials. I realize that parts are going to break, but given my age, my frame, fork, and wheels should last a life time. I don't plan on doing any X Games crap for sure


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9/6/2017 7:19 AM

If you get a Kink definitely get the whip. It's just a little more $ but it's 100% 4130. I'm an old man myself & i would strongly recommend that you ride a few bikes before buying one. The bikes of today are nothing like the ones we rode back in the 80s! There is a HUGE difference between park, street & trail frames. On paper what looks like nothing, (i.e. 75.5ha/12.75cs as opposed to 74.5ha/13.75cs) is actually a huge difference & the 2 bikes will feel completely different.

Good luck brother!


9/6/2017 8:04 AM

HondaCRFRacer wrote:

Look at the Eastern Shovelhead... one of the best bklikes for the money... full chromoly frame, fork, and bars. Double walled rims front and rear and also sealed hubs and bottom bracket.... only $400

^^^^^ THIS ^^^^^ From personal experience... AND we are very similar in our situations.


9/6/2017 10:35 AM

I am 44, hadn't ridden a skate park in 19 yrs, and my son (9) wanted to go to the local park with his scooter. I decided I'd like to ride again. Jumped on the first CHEAP thing that came across letgo. It was an older/mid-school haro. Terrible geometry and really heavy. I jumped back on Letgo and found a used Shovelhead for less than $175. It has been an awesome bike with the exception of bending the fork dropouts and needing to replace the fork. I like the geo, the weight is ok, and it has sealed everything. Definitely worth a look as the newer model is even better.


9/10/2017 7:47 PM

Thank you for the fantastic feedback you all supplied. The tips about the longer top tube and bikes is fantastic.


1/3/2018 2:19 AM


So I went with the Kink Liberty. Very very happy.

1/3/2018 3:30 AM

Nice. I would take the reflectors off before they get smashed and become sharp bits of plastic on the skatepark