Fit T/A 2.4" on Norco Siege

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9/26/2014 10:36 AM

Sorry for the extra thread, but i don't have the frame to measure yet. Anyone know if the 2012 Norco Siege will accommodate a 2.4" Fit T/A tire?



9/26/2014 10:41 AM

peobably not as 2.4 and fat tires werent common but id say get the 2.3 in rear at least when i rode them in both 2.4 it was terrible


9/26/2014 11:15 AM

You could probably fit one on the front, but I doubt you could fit one on the back. The 2.4 T/A tires are quite huge when inflated.


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9/26/2014 10:42 PM

I had 2.3's and they were big , just get those. Already big enough , they were great tires !


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