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4/30/2013 9:12 PM

Well got my 5th flat tire I buy the heavy duty tubes and they still get holes. I checked and its not a pinched tube. this time i got a flat and had to walk about 2 miles back home. What is the best tube to protect against flats? i was going to run some gorilla tape on the insides of my tires.


4/30/2013 9:14 PM

Try wrapping the inside part of the rim with electrical tape and check the tire for thorns



4/30/2013 9:19 PM


4/30/2013 9:28 PM

What? wrote:

Try wrapping the inside part of the rim with electrical tape and check the tire for thorns

This.just rap it around your rim like 5 or 6 times.


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4/30/2013 9:36 PM

You're obviously doing something wrong, or it's your wheel. Check if you have some rim strip (not just the plastic, but like a roll/pad so the nipples don't cut the tube), check the tires for thorns, glass, or even the bead being torn and pointing inwards. The tubes should be fine if you can inflate them but be careful when installing them, you can wear/stretch it making it rip.

You can try dumb stuff like taping your wheel and even some "Anti spray" crap I saw once. But for a start, check above, and more importantly, watch what you ride on. Is it worth getting flats to ride a glass-filled ghetto spot?


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4/30/2013 9:40 PM

glass filled ghetto spots is basically my whole town. i am just riding on streets and sidewalks. i VERY rarely ride down gravel roads or alleys.


5/1/2013 4:30 AM

I hate flats, I don't get them often but I just hate them. I got one last night, ON A FUCKING 180!


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