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8/8/2016 8:17 AM

Hey guys, I am by no means a BMX rider and extreme novice when it comes to bike repair, but for nostalgic purposes I picked up the same Schwinn Powermatic for $20 I rode as a kid (I know its not a good bike see image 3) just to cruise around the neighborhood. For fun I fixed it up just to get it safe to riding condition, looking good and handle my weight. (see image 4) Again this has sentimental value for me.

I am having an issue with the new brakes I installed. I chose the Fly Bikes Springerbrake since it was described as lower profile as I would need additional chain clearance because I added a smaller sprocket. (see Image 1) Is that not enough clearance?

The brakes seems to install well but when I attached the new spring/pull mechanism it doesn't seem long enough and sits right against my seat post tube when not engaded (see image 2) It looks like once I engage the brakes it would still work. Am I doing something wrong? Does this brake not work with brakes mounted on the lower area near the chain or do you think it will be okay??

I have a limited budget and am dead set on this specific frame so please bear with me guys. Any tips are helpful

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8/8/2016 8:07 PM

I think those are only for brake mounts on the seat stay right people? That is what it looks like to,I have never seen one used on the chain stay brake mounts


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8/17/2016 5:27 AM

I think it should be fine only other thing you could do is order a different cable hanger that isn't as big there about 10 bucks at danscomp


8/17/2016 6:21 AM

Thanks guys, I actually contacted Flybikes directly and they informed me it would not work with a frame with such a long back end. This was confirmed when i brought it in to my local shop for the final tune up. I don't really have the option of running a small sprocket either unless i relocate/loose my brakes...


8/17/2016 6:26 PM

brakes suck the hanger part with the 2 balls that go into the arms snap right off its why im brakeless


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