Fly or Mutiny?

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2/2/2009 3:49 PM

I'll most likely be buying a frame soon and my two choices right now are the Fly tierra and the Mutiny vape. Which do you guys think I should go with?


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2/2/2009 4:11 PM

hmm i havent ridden a mutiny vape, but i have ridden the tierra and it had a horrible feel to it.
I would say the Mutiny i guess theyre pretty reliable


2/2/2009 5:37 PM

it depends on how u want your bike to feel. i have a tierra andit feels awseome. its all about personal preference


2/2/2009 6:39 PM

tierra fo sho
i would chose a tierra over my s3.5 if they made rideable 20.8 or 20.75 but 20.6 is small and 21 is big


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2/2/2009 8:07 PM

id go mutiny.... it pretty much a sinister.... and my old mutiny was smooth but it wasnt for me...


2/3/2009 9:33 AM
Edited Date/Time: 2/3/2009 11:01 AM

mutiny vape ftw.

had a tierra...shit.


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2/3/2009 10:50 AM

tierra... have it and love it