Fork and stem sizes.

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7/20/2013 1:45 PM

I'm getting a new stem and forks. Do all forks and stems fit? Also what do you guys prefer? 25mm or 32mm offset? Thanks!


7/20/2013 1:57 PM

Yes they do.
32 gives you more of a natural feel while 25 is steeper.
Some notice the difference some don't.


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7/20/2013 7:02 PM

yes they work as long as theyre both 1 1/8. i prefer 32 offset as it's more common. I don't really feel the difference in forks


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7/21/2013 7:36 AM

really depends on what you want to reide. lower offset may help with nose mannies, but you wont feel any difference between 32 and 25. you will however, feel a big difference if you switch to 0 offset (flatland) or 13mm offset primo strands. though they won't give you immediate ability to do nose mannies, they may help when learning

when i switched from 32 to 13mm, i felt a huge difference in my front end, but my nose manuals were helped a bit, but it took me like a month to get used to the differece.


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7/21/2013 2:00 PM

id do 32, its like a standard feel

and yeah youre basically fine with any stem fork combo


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