Fork offset and stem reach difference?

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4/30/2017 8:54 PM

How much difference should there be between the two? Thinking about buying either the primo pro forks or odyssey r25 with 26mm offset and already have a 48mm reach Madera stem. Only street use. Good setup?


4/30/2017 8:56 PM

Short forks and stem make a twitchier front end, that's half of my setup already. Odyssey R25s with a 50mm stem, but I want to get an odyssey stem in 48 (forget which one)

That seems like a good even setup to me


4/30/2017 9:41 PM

Sounds good to me ran 25mm offset with a 48mm stem with a 75.5 head angle and it was nice. I got animal street forks in 15mm to experiment and its super quick. almost too quick I feel as if threes off drops are too quick off my spin and it throws me off. Still trying to decide if I like it or not but hey I've only had 3 sessions on them so well see. Bikes are sick tho keep shredding!


5/1/2017 9:29 AM

Doesn't matter, it's whatever you prefer. Here's some things to help you decide..

Longer the stem, the easier it is to get onto the front end (more leverage), more stable, barspins may feel a little different but nothing you couldn't adapt to.

Shorter the stem, the better the bars spin. You may notice it being very slightly easier to rotate aswell.

Shorter the forks, the easier it is to get on the front end. This typically also means it's less stable, but in my experience, I never noticed a stability difference going from 32mm to 25mm. Was really easy to adapt to, and made a few nose tricks easier, without a huge change in feel or response.

Longer the forks, the more stable, and slightly harder to get on the front wheel.

Hope that helps!


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