Forks project (need a bit of help)

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1/4/2017 5:13 AM

I have rust in my forks, I have blotches of rust in my steerer tube and also inside the prongs part of the fork.
Where the prongs connect to the steerer tube there is a decent amount of orange rust (I noticed this like 5 months ago and I cleaned it as best I could and added a spray that helps prevent rust)
Well now i have R32 forks on the way and I still want to service my stock forks.
I cant get a brush into the prongs, or really into where they connect to the steerer tube very much either so im thinking of soaking them in something but im not sure what. The steerer tube I can use a brush.
I dont want to soak the whole fork in a bucket or something so im thinking of just plugging up the holes where liquid can come out and just filling up the forks with something that removes rust. Is it a good idea to do this on threads as well?
I have looked up vinegar for rust but Im not sure about any damage it can do to the forks/paint or it turning metal black. (i have looked some stuff up).
After the inside of the forks are clear of rust Im thinking of spray painting the inside with black spray paint to prevent rust as they will most likely just be in my parts box for a while, Does spray painting sound like a good idea?
Any help about how to do this is appreciated as I have never done something like this before!
Thanks smile


1/4/2017 5:18 AM

mrbmxerforlife112 wrote:

I have rust in my forks, I have blotches of rust in my steerer tube and also inside the prongs part of the fork.
Where ...more

I heard that some people takes rust off with coca cola


1/4/2017 2:16 PM

You could ask some people at the BMXmuseum Facebook page. They're restoring stuff all the time.


1/4/2017 7:10 PM

If they are stock forks off a complete I wouldn't bother honestly, especially if you have Odyssey forks on the way. But that's me.


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1/4/2017 8:59 PM

Painting over rust won't do much good.

Best is to get oxalic acid, called wood bleach at ace hardware or order from amazon. Mix 1 tea spoon per gall on and soak the forks. Check them every few hours and clean the rusted area with a tooth brush. Lot of trouble for 1 set of forks.

If you use vinegar, and don't neutralize it, it will rust more.

Evaporust at autozone, will kill it. Plug the forks and fill them up, rinse well with water and then dump oil thru them.

WD40 and a toothbrush is the simplest and you probably already have those 2 things.

I work on old junk all the time, post up a pic.