Fractured Humeral Head/Torn Rotator Cuff

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11/6/2016 2:36 PM

So I recently got back into BMX, after having my bike stolen due to a craigslist deal gone wrong I was unmovitated to say the least. I got back into it and f'd my shoulder, went and got an ultrasound done and it showed a partial tear in the rotator cuff. I got an MRI not long after that showed that I also fractured my humerus head. I was told by the Othopedic that the humerus didn't require surgery and that the rotator cuff could cause problems in the future so I could get an injection, but he said to wait a month and other than that it's a wait-and-heal type deal. I've been riding here and there trying to take it easy and it is still painful as hell. Anyone here go through this that has any info for me? I would appreciate hearing about your guys' experience and recovery.


11/6/2016 2:56 PM

funny you say this, 14 weeks ago, i tried to nose manual a 8 foot tall ledge to concrete and ended up waking up in a ambulance,,2/Concussions,1309158, heres the link to my story. But ended up waking up in the ambulance, did all the tests, i ended up damaging my rotator cuff, getting a stage 2 concussion, all the rest if you wanna read my other post.. I didn't tear it, i just badly bruised it to the max, tons of swelling, and to this day, its still not fully healed... I started physical therapy and all that and it still hurts every now and then, but dude, i feel you it hurts so fucking much.. First couple weeks i couldn't bunny hop, or even do the simplest shit, you just kinda have to wait it out. ICE is every day, and start doing rehab exercises. hope you get better bro, it sucks..


11/6/2016 3:10 PM

bmxChuck wrote:

funny you say this, 14 weeks ago, i tried to nose manual a 8 foot tall ledge to concrete and ended up waking up in a ...more

That's gnarly man, sucks to hear you went through that. Hope that it doesn't stay with you for too long. The doctor said that surprisingly the rotator cuff was torn a minimal amount, and while I could get an injection to prevent the tendon from causing future problems he said it wasn't urgent and that my severe pain is most likely coming from the humeral head. It literally hurts just pushing open a door!


11/6/2016 3:14 PM


Here are the MRI results

11/6/2016 3:27 PM

Oh fuck, your near me too ahah, like 30 mins, but Yea dude, same exact shoulder, and i felt the same pain as you. I couldn't do any push or pulling movements but it sucked so fucking much, plus i had the concussion. I had a SHIT Ton of swelling everything and still do.. You should try physical therapy, or i could send the the exercises they told me to do, basically the same thing ahah