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5/9/2016 12:48 PM

Yo Guys!

Since i have been arguing with one of my friend for a week now i just ask you guys to help me choose a frame. I have a favoured one (sunday broadcaster v3) but im open to other options too. So my friend is all about bsd hes a bsd fanboy thats one of my
point why i dont really trust hes opinion he said i should buy an alvx cuz wow its geometry is sick and he shit talking on sunday cause its not 12,5 and its so heavy. I didnt mention yet but i guess you got it already i want a good street frame. this is the main subject what you think about this 2 frame i dont say the bsd is bad but also there are companys what makes me feel more pumped. After this i want to "throw in" couple more frame what i would like to hear some opinion on: kink titan, volume vessel, haro sd, stranger ballast, and also a fiend reynolds maybe but thats the last in my list. Please leave here your opinion on the bsd sunday situation and also chosse for all the 7 mentioned and explain it.

Also does the broadcaster really fabricated in taiwan?


5/9/2016 1:06 PM

If I had to pick out of those 2 I'd say Sunday. I don't like the wave tubes, but I'd have more trust in it. I thought all Sunday stuff was made in Taiwan? It's not a bad thing though. The bsd is made in Taiwan too, as are every other frame you've mentioned.

You should get the fbm hardway. It's awesome.


5/9/2016 1:10 PM

Yes, the Sunday frame is made in Taiwan.


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5/9/2016 4:23 PM

Yeah they're pretty much all made out there, besides the American made brands anyway. That doesn't change the fact of how good they are though.

I'd get the Soundwave v2 over the Broadcaster though.