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10/8/2015 9:21 AM

Thinking about getting a different frame but curious about how much of a difference it will make in the overall feel.
The major difference is I'm looking for one with a 20" TT vs the 20.75" I have. The chainstays are typically .25 to .5 shorter than the 13.5 on my current one as well.

I'm a smaller guy, 5'5" and always felt better on smaller frames but is the difference between those specs enough to have a smaller feel or are they not enough and it would be a waste of money?


10/8/2015 10:05 AM

The toptube might be a bit too drastic. I went from 21 to 21.25 and could notice the change. As for the cs, I think that's a personal preference thing. It won't necessarily effect how big the bike feels, but will change tricks like manuals and such. Maybe in a good way, maybe in a bad way, all depends on you.


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