Free cstr or cassette for dirt?

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11/17/2017 8:00 PM

So i think ima do trails and I only have a free cstr and I was just wondering if I buy a cassette, if it will help me with dirt trails?


11/17/2017 8:11 PM

A cassette would be alot more ideal for trails than a frecoaster because you're going fast around the trails and you go to pedal while you're going really fast and the freecoaster slack catches you and you fall horribly... so a cassette becasue they have pretty much instant ingagement will not do that to you... hope that made sense lol...


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11/17/2017 8:35 PM
Edited Date/Time: 11/17/2017 8:36 PM

Whatever. Hit the jump at the speed you should. If you can't regulate your speed without micro adjustments at the last minute, you shouldn't be riding large parks or trails. If you bought a freecoaster for dirt jumps but have never done a fakies....


11/17/2017 9:54 PM

if you're asking the question, you won't be hitting jumps big enough that it's going to matter.


11/17/2017 10:24 PM

yeah get a freecoaster and some pegs. the benefits they give will help a lot when riding dirt


11/17/2017 10:54 PM

sundaybmxRR wrote:

yeah get a freecoaster and some pegs. the benefits they give will help a lot when riding dirt

Don't forget a nice set of slick 2.4 tires for that extra grip


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11/18/2017 5:48 AM

Does it matter? If you plan on pedaling between jumps, you've got a lot to learn. I've been riding everything, including trails, on a coaster, since I started riding. Go ride a pumptrack a few times and learn to pump....


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