Freecoaster Question? (not very nooby... about pedal pressure really)

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12/5/2013 7:57 PM

I am still kind of unclear about pedal pressure, I know it can wear out bearings and possibly some other internals, but does pedal pressure come into play when you pedal forward to do one of the many manual combos that I have seem to see lately in videos, an example is when you pedal a little bit out of a fakie manual to be able to pivot into a normal manual, then you give another crank to maybe 180 out into a bank or something?

and IF I got that somewhat right, would having a good set of brakes help with pedal pressure in some cases, as if you were to tire tap out of a quarter then hop out and back into the quarter, and gave your bike some extra pop by cranking a little bit? would tapping with brakes help the situation, because I love taps, whether it be on a bank or on a hip or anything really, even the side of a driveway. And I do not want to blow out my coaster super quick

If this helps at all, would I want to be more careful with a coaster if I weigh close to or a little over 200 pounds?

ALSO in terms of a freecoaster wheel, I know this has not been out for even like 4 months, but would the Colony pre-built coaster wheel be a good decision, or the alienation rush v2 wheel that has been around the longest damn time now be a better option? the rush v2 from what I have read and heard, is like a 60:40
60% good
40% get something else

and the colony... well... it has not been out very long.


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12/5/2013 8:52 PM

Depending on your slack you can't use pedal pressure. If you have alot of slack and go to pedal , it won't have and pressure and won't engage. And when you 180 and go to fakie out , you'd have to half-cab or slide out on a freecoaster because you won't have enough pressure to help get out of it , or it would engage the hub and you'd be screwed.

If you way less than 200 lbs then it won't effect anything. Obviously if you way more , and land hard , more forces will be applied to the bearings and the internals . I know the Colony hub has angled contact bearing or something that helps distrubute the weight evenly.

i'd get the Colony


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12/5/2013 9:01 PM

my friend shredded on a rush with no problems at all