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fischerjd fischerjd
2/17/2016 12:37 AM

So I was looking at the cult free coaster, and noticed it had something no other freecoaster has, and that's a taper roller bearing. All other free coasters seem to have an acb (angular contact bearing). So why did cult go with this design? Are there any pros to having it vs an acb? What are your thoughts on it.

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Brayden_Buckingham Brayden_Buckingham
2/17/2016 6:49 PM

Probably the same shit but "different" Cult is decent though so I wouldn't worry about it .

The first design had a couple issues or something with some people but I think now they're pretty solid

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dave lawrence dave lawrence
2/17/2016 7:32 PM

ACB: Note that the bearings touch at angles (corners) instead of straight on the center race and outer race. Headsets are a version of it nowadays.


Taper Roller Bearing: Notice is doesn't use balls, but it has cylinders, and has a flat race the cylinders roll on, with one end being wider than the other (the taper)


The durability of the roller bearing at angled forces from a freecoaster is typically better, and in many cases rolls smoother.

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owen.lox owen.lox
2/18/2016 6:49 AM
dave lawrence wrote:

ACB: Note that the ...more

Same bearing used in cars too.

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