Freemix wobble

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6/12/2015 12:47 PM

So ive been trying to contact primo, and tipplus and they will not respond to email and everytime i call it goes to voice mail after the customer service lady transfers the call, anyways my freemix has a wobble, love the damn thing but was wondering if replacing the bearing or possible (doubt it) the axle, i really like primo but there customer service sucks and when u live in bum fuck spokane no one including ur crappy bike shops no anything bout bmx, if it is a bearing can i order one online somewhere or do i gotta go through tipplus to get an exact the exact bearing. Any help would be greatly appreciated, and yes i tightened the lock nuts and iv had the hub for about 10 months


6/12/2015 1:36 PM

Bearings are cheap and common usually, type the seal code into google and bearing shops will come up with the exact ones you need.


6/12/2015 3:41 PM

I would take it apart if you feel comfortable, and figure out what is ACTUALLY causing the wobble. Take the axle/guts out, and wiggle the bearing races and see what happens. Wiggle = toast, no wiggle = good.

Check over everything and make sure it is all good, AND check your spokes and see if they are loose. That can cause wobble in the wheel too.


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6/12/2015 4:09 PM

Its a pretty small wobble im talking like the only way u know is if u forcibly move the wheel while bolted to the bike u dont even here it when u ride,or land hard for that matter, im pretty sure its just a bearing, and im pretty picky about my bike being solid so no spoke issues but ill take it apart to make sure and danacomp said they have the bearings to replace In it but ill take it apart to double check just in case, thx guys for help