Full face helmet & dj's

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5/20/2013 1:15 PM

So I work w a dude who's into mtb. He's building up some dj's, and I'm thinking about trying them out. He says they're too big for bmx, I won't get enough speed, but we will see. (never tried before, i only take calculated risks, so if its possible i WILL try. And worse case, ill just build some smaller in the area.)Anyways, he's had a few wipeouts and said the full face helmet saved his face a couple times. We have healthcare in Canada, but this doesn't cover dental. And scars are cool, but a mangled grill isn't exactly cool, nah mean? So....

Anyone use one? Are there non certified ones I should stray away from? As much as a lid and a mouth guard might work, I'd feel way more comfortable with full protection. Any kinda info would help. Cheers!


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5/20/2013 1:32 PM

At my friends local trails everyone rides a normal helmet I only know one kid who rides a full face but that's because he's a pussy, he is not considered a pussy for using the helmet itself but cause he is legitimately a pussy.
I think it's a pretty good thing, personally if I was really into DJ and wanted to try some crazy shit I'd consider one.
And DJ are fine, I went twice with my BMX and got to try my friends setup a few times, it was fun, but not my thing.


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