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6/30/2020 8:52 AM

Hello there,
I know this is a massive ask, I am raising money for a memorial at Swadlincote Skatepark in south Derbyshire for my sons friend who sadly died in March this year at the age of 15. He and his friends where epic bmx fans and loved nothing more than hitting the jumps. We are planning lots of events within the next 18 months but along side these we are holding raffles and I would love to get a BMX donated so we can raffle it off... would anyone know how or who to contact to try and get this organised? Please follow our journey on Facebook and on Instagram @smileforsimeon.

Thank you 🤞🤞🤞


7/1/2020 5:27 AM

Contact local to that area bike shops and distributors to see if they are able/willing to donate anything. Contact BMX companies and brands as well (a local shop might have a good list of options).

Then send them an email (with a flyer for the event) and politely ask!

I held a benefit for a friend who passed from epilepsy-he rode BMX. We contacted a lot of companies and put brands on the flyers, and held a raffle for the goods.


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7/1/2020 5:38 AM

Fantastic, thank you. I have sent emails and asked and am slowly getting responses now so things are going in the right direction! Fingers crossed 🤞🤞