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11/26/2015 3:57 PM
Edited Date/Time: 11/26/2015 3:58 PM

Hi, I was thinking of getting a new frame but unsure about changing as the geometry will be different. Just want to ask what will feel different if I do change over?

The frame is going for about £60 but unsure. If no then I will wait and see if any others popup.

I mostly ride street but do go to the park when it's dry as the weather sucks in the UK at the moment. I am currently learning rails and ledges as I just found some old pegs in my house.

Also does it matter what pegs I have? I was thinking of buying some new ones as I think I currently have some salt ones on.

New frame would be MUTINY Cosmotron v3 20.8" tt

Chain stay: 13.25" slammed with 3/4" of adjustment.
Head Tube: 74.5 degrees.
BB Height: 11.6.
Seat Tube: 69 degrees.
Standover: center of BB to top of top tube: 8.68".

My current: Social Storm 21" tt

75° Headtube
71° Seat Tube
13.5" Rear End
8.6" Stand Over



11/26/2015 4:53 PM

Your rear wheel will still sit in probably the same position assuming the storm chainstay is the center and not slammed. Otherwise it will move forward 1/4". Other than that they should feel similar. I cant speak on bb height since i dont know the height on your current frame. I personally notice bb height the most though


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11/27/2015 12:51 PM

The cosmo will feel easier to chuck about, but less stable. Might feel a bit weird until you get used to it. I personally can't ride anything less than 21", but some people prefer a smaller frame. £60 is cheap for any frame (although I know the market is flooded with second hand bits right now) it could be worth giving it a go, worst that can happen is you sell the frame on if you don't like it and lose a couple of quid


11/27/2015 5:38 PM

Just get it and try it out. That's cheap for a cosmo


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