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Cyclecraft01N Cyclecraft01N
9/20/2018 12:56 PM

I recently decided to start riding again after many years off. Grew up racing bmx from '90-'99, street and park with my homies. When I say many years I should say 15+. I'm in my mid 30's in good shape and figured why not! Picked up a used 14' Kink Curb the other day and before anyone says anything I know what I got and I know its not the best, nor is it going to last, nor is it any good. It was however $30 and was sold to me by a friend who's kid didn't ride (couldn't ride... her words).

My question for everyone is what brands are good these days. Definitely need some bigger bars, 10" at least and I'm going to replace the bottom bracket and crank cause they're total shit! Just got done riding around all afternoon and can't wait to get this thing tuned up. Any help is much appreciated.

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grumpySteve grumpySteve
9/20/2018 1:12 PM

10" bars will be a bit much. Especially as you were riding 15 years ago when 8"ish was average. Most brands are basically the same. A few stand out quite a bit. But it's kind of mostly down to who you want to support, where you want your money going, etc.
I'd strongly recommend looking for a better used custom bike instead of sinking money into that bike. Just run that before into the ground. There's some real good deals to be had if you're patient.

The good brands from 15 years ago are still around, look into them, they're the best brands imo.

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TheDarkEnergist TheDarkEnergist
9/20/2018 1:17 PM

Welcome back man! You are in good company, many of us here are over 30 and just getting back into it. Don't talk shit about a $30 bike either, dude! That's cheap enough to stay rolling for at least a few months before you start to progress and need to look into an upgraded frame.

Having said that, it might be worth it to ride that Curb until you really mess something up and then go with a custom bike. It's totally up to you, but there's always a risk of constantly breaking/replacing parts

Most people on this board (myself included) go with these company's parts:

Profile / Madera
S&M / Fit
Subrosa/Shadow Conspiracy

Personally I've run both Kink and Subrosa bottom brackets with zero issues, though most of the bearings are pretty much the same. As far as bars I've only ever had Odyssey bars and I love them.

For cranks, I've ridden only Profile and I have to say they hold up to a lot of abuse. Basically go with cranks that are chromoly and heat treated is of course always better. Feel free to ask any other questions!

BMX over 30: Eat clean, Stretch, and Pray.

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dead goon dead goon
9/20/2018 8:24 PM

Welcome back, man! Lot of us here recently with the same story. Mid 30's and bmxing again after a 12+ year break. Like Steve said, the good brands from then are still here.

I'm almost done building a pretty bad ass Subrosa Wild Child with mostly Animal and BSD parts. Subrosa spawned partly from UGP owner, Ronnie Bonner.

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