Getting wheels And I Have 3 Choices (2 used, 1 new) **Kind of long read**

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2/24/2015 7:41 PM

Alright so, I am looking for a wheel set. I have 3 options that I can work around fairly easily, I am getting 200 dollars and that is the base price of my first wheelset option.

Choice 1... (200 dollars) Red Alienation / Red Profile setup **USED**
The first choice consists of...
3/8" Profile Minis front and rear, black 14g spokes w/ brass nipples, and Alienation Skylark Rims front and rear.
This would be a very park and I guess fairly trail oriented wheel set (I think at least) but it's not peg friendly, the set is also super light (I added the weight of the rims, hubs, and spoke/nipples, and it came up to about 3.8 lbs and they need to be trued a little bit first.

Choice 2... (220 dollars) Black Colony Wheelset (Wasp Hubs) **NEW**
The second choice consists of... even though we may all know about this fairly well...
Colony Wasp Hubs front and rear, black 14g spokes w/ brass nipples, and a Colony Pinnacle rim up front, and Colony Pintour rim in the rear. I can get this wheelset for 220 dollars from Goods BMX in downtown Portland which is an easy commute, I would not be getting these right away these would be special ordered and shipped to the shop. This would be a brand new wheelset, completely straight and ready to go, and I CAN run pegs.

Choice 3... (260 dollars) Purple Profile / Black Sun Rim setup **USED**
The Third choice consists of...
3/8" Profile Mini up front, 14mm Profile Mini in the rear, Black Sun Rhynolite Rims front and rear, and black 14g spokes w/ brass nipples. **Recently relaced front wheel with brand new spokes and trued both wheels** I'd be getting these wheels off of my friend and he needs the money to fuel a new colony wheel build. **NOTE: He ORIGINALLY wanted 300 dollars**

I like the sound of going with the first option, profiles laced to alienations for 200 and I can straighten the wheels myself really good, I can take them into my shop I am interning at and use their truing stand. BUT, the colony's would be brand new, but I'd be doing 20 dollars more. My friend really wants to sell the wheels to fuel his colony wheel build and I dont wanna bum him out by saying no, but he wants 60 more for a profile wheelset that has been well ridden.

I like the red profiles, but the colony's are new, and my friends profiles were ridden pretty hard... So the question is, if you guys were in my situation, which set would you pick, 20 dollars less for a little wheel maintanence, 20 dollars more to ride them ride out of the package, or 60 more to help a friend out even though his wheels are still pretty beat at that price.


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2/24/2015 7:42 PM

choice 3


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2/24/2015 10:07 PM

Choice 3. Alienation is garbage, profile to sun is as legit as it gets.


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2/24/2015 10:13 PM

shit yeah choice 3. Sun/Profile for the win.


2/24/2015 10:14 PM

3 ftw, female rear axles that arent true 14mm suck


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2/25/2015 2:30 AM

Go with option 3.


2/25/2015 3:10 AM

1 or 3 would be good.


2/25/2015 4:47 AM

3 can be your only real option, the beefier the better, Sun rims are legit and Profile is good.


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2/25/2015 6:32 AM

Option 4:

Sun Big Baller rim rim (1080200)
Color: black

Madera v2 cassette hub (1093874)
Driver Size: 10t
Variation: LHD - anodized black
Axle Type: CROMO female - 3/8" cromo Hex 17mm/8mm bolts

Empire BMX free T
Size: LG
1 $0.00

USA Brand stainless black spoke (1050200)
Spoke Nipple Color: black
Subtotal: $224.30


2/25/2015 6:38 AM

3. 2 is second best

Skylarks are ehh


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