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5/14/2020 4:29 AM

streethack wrote:

Freecoasters don't last as long, they seem to shit themselves faster for guys who do trick heavy stuff and I would say crank ...more

when people ride brakes and use them to keep the front end up in manuals and rely on them to control their speed its ugly and not as skillful as using body weight. nothing worse than watching someone squeezing their really loud brake constanty. also it looks better with no brake, is less dangerous without a big metal lever and doesnt remove all the paint on your rim. doesnt matter but, if people like brakes they should ride them, same with brakeless, they both have a point other than just barspins.


5/14/2020 7:42 AM
Edited Date/Time: 5/14/2020 6:18 PM

I am a older guy that rode nothing but cassettes when I was younger. Its been about 10 years since I had a bike but recently picked up a Fit Augie and tossed a freecoaster on it because what a better time to try it out. First thing I can say is it made me realize how much I use pedal pressure for just about everything. I rode the cassette for a few weeks and was easily able to get back most of my basic tricks and fakies in a session or so. With the freecoaster its been 3 weeks and I am still struggling with consistency of being able to half-cab and such. The lack of pedal pressure really makes it where you need to be balanced and controlled to set yourself up certain tricks/ halfcab. I plan to stick it out for quite a few months at the end of the day but some days can be quite frustrating. I will say I feel my time on the freecoaster would only make me a better cassette rider, regardless of what I stick with long term. My advice would be stick with it for at least a few months as it really does take time to rebuild that muscle memory. If you are still struggling, go back and try the cassette and see if you notice an improvement on that end.


5/15/2020 6:55 AM

Only been riding for around 2 months but I switched to a coaster from a cassette. Got a Clutch V2 complete wheel for $200 & I fricking love it!! It's such a smoother riding experience IMO. I really like the slack on the Clutch V2, I havent adjusted it & probable never will. I just learned how to fakie roll out on a cassette & I can almost do it on a coaster. Just need to learn how to halfcab, I should have it down in another month's time!

Also I ride brakeless. My reasoning is that as a skater my board doesnt have brakes lol so why use them on the bike. I know it's two completely different things but that's how I see it, plus for style I guess.