Good 20" toptube bikes

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6/29/2016 11:01 AM

I'm looking for bmx bikes around this size and under 300$, any bikes you guys would recommend?


7/2/2016 7:01 AM

2016 Verde A/V
2016 Subrosa Atlus
2016 Verde Vectra
2016 Verde Cadet
2016 United Recruit Jr.
2017 Kink Curb
2017 Subrosa Atlus
2017 Sunday Blueprint.

Any of these should do you fine, but you will definitely want to upgrade as you get bigger, and better. I reccommend the 2017 Kink Curb, 2017 Subrosa Atlus, 2017 Sunday Blueprint, and the more expensive ones. Just remember these are very beginner bikes and dont compare to a more expensive, better quality bike. Expect parts to break and look forward to upgrading in the future. I hope this helps and have fun! smile


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