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6/23/2008 5:36 AM

yo are the

Proper- Magnalite Cassete Hubs good?

tell me your opions on only this hub. thanks


6/23/2008 6:21 AM

only hubs I trust are profile, good luck


6/23/2008 3:41 PM
Edited Date/Time: 6/23/2008 3:41 PM

any other ppl?


6/23/2008 3:50 PM



i can has cheezburger?

6/23/2008 3:56 PM

i have the proper back wheel stock. the hub is perfect so trust proper. and profile is good but too expensive.


6/23/2008 4:06 PM

id say the only ones i trust would be profile and odyssey i kniow youve probably all had problems with hazzard hubs but i havent and it still runs smooth and profile make good products that will last after an A bomb


iam gonna do what you do but better