Good brakes?

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8/6/2013 6:21 AM

Does anyone recommend any brakes that aren't spongey, instant stopping? Don't reply with 'My shoes' cause its pointless. I used to run brakeless and loved it, but its a 8 mile journey to the skatepark i go too and its constant up and down hills and ive nearly been hit on the way home so many times..

Anyway, any brakes you'd recommend?


8/6/2013 6:30 AM

i'd recommend an odyssey brake set up. you know you can trust it.



8/6/2013 6:45 AM

Odyssey brake set up for sure!


I'm gonna need bigger bars

8/6/2013 8:40 AM

I run odyssey brakes they're solid


8/6/2013 8:51 AM

Hmm, I'm thinking odyssey Evo2 with the odyssey monolever with a linear cable?


8/6/2013 9:23 AM
Edited Date/Time: 8/6/2013 9:26 AM

I run Odyssey EVO II's and they're pretty good. I also have a monolever and I like it alot.


8/6/2013 9:58 AM

no brakes and your foot



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8/6/2013 10:00 AM

Demolition Vulcan V2, Kool Stop pads, Odyssey Cable Hanger, Tree Linear Cable, Odyssey Monolever Small.


8/6/2013 10:23 AM

Odyssey Evo2s, Odyssey quick slic cable, Odyssey Monolever or tech 77, and some kool stops or odyssey slim by four. What kind of rim do you have because from riding my bike ive found that ano rims suck ass at braking (even with clear pads) but my gf's stock verde rims with the paint rubbing off will brake twice as good with the same brake pads, cable, and lever.


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8/6/2013 10:40 AM
Edited Date/Time: 8/6/2013 10:41 AM

it's not so much the brakes as it is how you set it up

but my preferred brake setup is linear cable, straddle cable mod, ody evo 2's with any lever


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