Goofy footed grinding?

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3/6/2016 12:54 AM

So I coast right foot forward although I don't know which side I'd like my drive not knowing my natural grind side. In the past being goofy in snowboarding and skating I've always jumped into rails frontside. Should I probably get rhd as I may prefer grind on left side?


3/6/2016 1:42 AM

There's a million ways to grind ....pedal faster


3/6/2016 6:10 AM
Edited Date/Time: 3/6/2016 6:14 AM

what do you mean you do you not know your natural grind side? if you were riding up to do a stall/grind on a symmetrical bench with no back rest (so you could choose whichever side) which side would you feel more comfortable trying? just picture it in your head and go for the opposite side to have your gearing so you don't have to buy as many sprockets/chains in the future.

about the foot stance though, it doesn't really matter that much, I grind left side right foot forward (goofy footed) and it's just a little annoying sometimes cause I'll hit the pedal sometimes trying feebles, but they are going to get hit anyway, just my left pedal the pins tend to wear out faster because of this because I do a lot of feebles and have that foot back.

i use to ride 39t gearing and grinded on the drive side for awhile, nowadays most sprockets are 25t and are a lot more out of the way and harder to bend anyway so that's a positive.


3/6/2016 9:14 AM

Your "normal" side to grind would be the right. But it doesn't matter. Just do whatever feels more natural or easy. There's not really a wrong side


3/6/2016 3:24 PM

What about crank arm grind then? Can you do them on your drive side?


3/6/2016 7:57 PM

Just do whatever feels natural. I ride left foot forward and grind on my right. Some people swear that it throws your balance off, but that's just a load of BS. As for spins, that's a whole different true story.


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3/7/2016 12:06 AM

funfrontbrake wrote:

What about crank arm grind then? Can you do them on your drive side?

Yeah, I learnt them on my drive side, wrecked my chain a couple of times but I switched to lhd and couldn't do them (I don't know why, probably a mental thing). If you get a guarded sprocket it makes them a lot easier (but it's cheating tongue) .

Another thing to consider, if you want to run 4 pegs, a lot of people keep their drive side on their more comfortable grinding side. The logic being that you're less likely to miss on your comfortable side


3/7/2016 6:06 AM

Yeah that make sens. Ive bought a subrosa magnum just to learn them when the snow melt.

I may switch to lhd but I got my perfect wheelset and dont want to sell it. Too much love for my pornhubs and ribcages