Got my Cult Butter Bars and Tom Dugan Grips

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5/23/2013 6:48 PM

Well i got these wonderful new things today!! haha And i wanted a slightly bigger 8.5 bar because my back hurt from riding 8.25 and my wrists hurt from 1 degree of upsweep and i didnt like so much backsweep. I just learned barspins so i was a lil worried about the extra .5 inch of width and i had no problem getting them around. The main reason i got these bars is because i wanted some bars with some good old upsweep 3 degrees to be exact. The bars are like 29 oz or something and i dont notice the etra ounce haha. Now i got Tom Dugan grips because i literally burn through all grips, ODIs and all last me a month and a half haha so i figured id check these out. the feather on them is so you can position them wherever your grips wear out quickest. Mine is right on the side of my palms. so i positioned the feather to the point that was right. They arent too long and idk if they stretch (im not gonna stretch them because i like how they feel now haha). My first day out on the Butter bars was good. i like em for the barspins and manuals and stuff. I like the wideness i feel more in control now. The Dugan grips feel great first day out, i sweated and they were fine. They feel like they may last for a while idk yet though.


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5/23/2013 6:51 PM

inb4 OneEyeIlluminatiGuy.

Good to hear though!