Gripest tires in 2.3 or 2.35??

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10/29/2016 4:33 AM

I want gripy tires and i dont know what is gripy and not gripy i want it to be in 2.3 or 2.35 and grip very well


10/29/2016 7:51 AM

So you want grippy tires but you don't know what is grippy and not grippy?


Jokes aside... Slicks or semi-slicks never come close to the grip provided by grippy tires. And the look isnt the same. All in all, having a nice tire with more grip boosts your confidence by a big margin. And dont forget the slidin that came with rain or sand! All the troubles gone...

I suppose you are looking after grip. So let the grip tires shine.

I highly recommend the Kink Lyra. It's a hugely affordable tire, not a heavyweight like some others, rubber compound is super soft and yet has such a good durability. Mine are still going strong after a year of heavy riding. They are 2.3 inches wide, but inflated, they compete pretty well with 2.425s... Kink calls it an "extended" 2.3, but I think it tops in at 2.35 inflated.

If looks could kill, the Kinks would be used instead of nuclear bombs. It has that aggressive radial tire profile, kinda square, but has smooth edges to not make it look like it came out of Minecraft. The tire's sidewalls look like something from Nascar-sweet, sweet surface to rub your fingers all day long.

You can roll nicely and coast as if on oil on the center ridge of the tire, and when you need traction, the big knobs on the corners will bite the shit out of the pavement. You'll turn on a dime. No more skidding or sliding. Promise. Plus, you've got micro-knurling that really works. Tan wall, white wall, red wall, black, I think you'll find a nice color to pimp that bike up.

If you dont want to trust the word of a dirt boy, you can have a look at these other tires.

-Fly Rubens
-Odyssey Aitkens or Ross
-Subrosa Street Diggers
-Cult Vans tires (in 2.4 tho, I think)
-Eclat Escape
-BSD Donnasqueaks
-Salt Contour
-that's pretty much it.

Have a peek around. You might find a nice tire you like. I've spent quite a lot of time lookin' around for ya. Have fun shoppin around.


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10/29/2016 8:00 AM

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10/29/2016 10:29 AM

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10/29/2016 2:53 PM

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