Guttershark v2 tire clearance? Palmere v1 clearance?

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9/13/2016 10:23 PM

I've seen pictures of the Gutta Gutta v2 with a Refuse Resist on a 7ka rim and it looked like it only juuuust cleared. Also how big of a tire can the Fiend Palmere v1 take? I'll be running Eclat Mercury v2 rims (35mm width) and 2.35" Demolition Momentums. Might want to switch to even wider, smoother tires later.


9/15/2016 12:47 AM

Not sure about the Premiums but I know the Fiend team was running 2.3's for a while if not 2.4's so it should work but it won't be spacey by any means , keep your wheels trued haha .


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