Gyro shit brakes

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7/11/2016 11:34 AM

so.... my gyro brakes does not work AT ALL, i have tried to fix but it does not work... im gonna remvove them soon. should i just have no brakes or a straight cable rear brake?


7/11/2016 11:47 AM

straight cable is easier. whats wrong with your brakes?

I'd recommend the odyssey springfield brakes and 1pc cable for fool proof braking


It’s all bmx

7/11/2016 2:24 PM

It is possible to set a gyro up so it works well. But you'll need all the better parts for it which costs a hell of a lot.
Go for a straight cable, only go brakeless if you're 100% confident you'll be able to without hurting yourself or anyone else. BUT there's no harm in playing brakeless until you set a straight cable up


7/12/2016 10:00 PM

i use an oryg gyro piece, odyssey m2 lever and dual upper with dual lowerd and london mod, all in less than £40, stops on a dime, dual cables are king.