HELP! Chase Hawk Tires

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6/12/2013 4:25 PM

I have the WZA v2 frame and I'm thinking about getting the chase hawk 2.4 tires but I don't think they will fit in my frame. Anyone have the frame and tire or anything that can help me?


6/12/2013 5:04 PM

They most likely will. They're not really that big.


6/12/2013 6:18 PM

What tires are you running at the moment?


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6/13/2013 2:17 AM

they will probably fit , the chase hawk tires arent 2.4 its actually about 2.36 they just round it up


6/13/2013 9:47 AM

It will fit but barely. When I used to have my 2.25 ruben in the back, if my wheel was out of true more than a tiny bit it would rub on the chainstays.


6/13/2013 10:16 AM

I would get one of the biggest size for the front, than the next size down for the back. I made the mistake of getting two Premium CK 2.4's (front and back) and the back one would rub my frame sometimes.


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6/13/2013 4:00 PM

get the 2.4 up front and the smaller version in back. When will they make these tires in folding?


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