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10/14/2013 10:03 AM

All you have to do is enter the survey and hope for the best!



List of what you can win :

A day with Harry Main at his private ‘Hammerhouse’ skatepark. (Lunch and hotel included for you and a friend)

Failure x Monster – Mainiac Complete bike x 2 (one for you, one for your friend)

The Source – Custom front wheel (Cinema rim, BSD hub),

The Source – Logo tee

BSD – TrailorPark frame

United – Rigal frame

Vocal – Logo seat

Vocal – Sunglasses

TSG – Stay Strong Helmet x 2

Rad BMX – Nike beanie, Federal wax, Quintin vest, Cult grips

Odessa – Pair of shoes

Shitluck – Logo tee

ODI – Longneck grips x 2

ODI – Stay Strong grips x 3

ODI – Vans grips x 2

ODI – Logo caps x 2

Jet BMX – Ltd Edition colourway complete bike

The Fold – Logo tee

Custom Riders – Logo tee

Eclat – Logo tee

Eclat – Oz seat

WeThePeople – Logo tee

WeThePeople – Clash frame

DUO – Stunner tyres x 2

Cinema – Logo tee

Horizon – Watch and straps

Stay Strong – Logo tees x 2

Lifer BMX – Logo tee

Halo – Priest rims x 2

Verde – Sprocket

Lazer – Helmet

Monster Cables – DNA Headphones

Cult – Vans grips

Cult – Logo tee

Shadow – Solus seat/post

Federal – Black album DVD x 4

Federal – Logo tee

Federal – Wax x 2

Kink – Wolf bars

King Kong – Gloves x 2

Vans – Accessories

Profile – Logo tee

Profile – Logo beanie

Fist – Gloves x 2

Premium – FYB Forks

Premium – 1948 Cranks

Premium – Gnarstar sprocket

Premium – CK tyres x 2

Premium – Logo seat

Premium – Grips

Premium – Headset

Premium – Logo cap

Premium – Logo tee x 2

Social – Logo tee x 2

Social – Plastic pedals

Social – Freeloader stem

Social – Logo seat


I'm gonna need bigger bars

10/14/2013 10:53 AM

Too much work, I'll just buy whatever I need/want


It’s all bmx

10/14/2013 11:42 AM

shiit man, i just bought all that exact stuff, couldda just won it instead... gutted


NEW Bike check
That InstaGram ting - @EddiMundo
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KriB Life YouTube channel (Click on the pic!)

10/14/2013 11:43 AM

EddiMundo wrote:

shiit man, i just bought all that exact stuff, couldda just won it instead... gutted

I dunno where I'd start if I won all that.

The Premium stuff is definitely getting donated though


I'm gonna need bigger bars