Handlebar problem

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5/13/2014 11:17 PM
Edited Date/Time: 5/13/2014 11:18 PM

Hey guys, I just fixed up my mongoose bike for now, and i have a problem. Let's say you're on the bike, just sitting down with both tires on the ground, and you turn the handlebars with both tires on the ground, it the handlebars only like this (note: this is not my bike, just an example)Photo
Well, yes, the handlebars go off to the side and the tire stays as is, I have tried tightening the screw in the middle that tightens the handbars to the forks i think, but doesn't help. Please help.


5/13/2014 11:31 PM

Loosen that bolt, then undo the bolts on the side of the stem (the part that clamps the bars and forks), and re-tighten the bolt you mentioned. The tighten up the side bolts.


5/13/2014 11:34 PM

unloosen center bolt and the 2 bolts on the sides a little make sure your stem is aligned with your front tire tighten center bolt then tighten the 2 side bolts as tight as you could