Hard BMX Road Trippin' Round 1: Chicago/Wilson Park

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10/20/2015 10:44 AM
Edited Date/Time: 10/20/2015 10:50 AM

This is the first time I've filmed/edited/been in a video, so I'm hoping to hear some feedback. Obviously not everyone will like it, so be it. This video is the first part of a YouTube series called "Road Trippin'" that we will be working on, we also plan to drop some merchandise along the way. Follow @hard_bmx on instagram and Hard BMX on YouTube for updates on that.

And yes I know there's a lot of filler clips and a line that wasn't landed, but we came up extremely short on footage. The end of the video will explain that.

Hope you guys enjoy the video!



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10/20/2015 11:29 AM

I'm sad I didn't see any brakes, but looks like a fun time, bummer about the camera lens.


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10/20/2015 11:31 AM

O SHIT. He had to. LOL

It was alright. I'm not picky.


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10/20/2015 12:03 PM

That's not a great video. I didn't like the music and the B-roll was silly. Same with the bong smoking. It sucked. The riding wasn't that bad but it coulda been less "stoner-gangster"


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10/20/2015 3:16 PM

-audio from the clips would have been cool

-too much car footage imo

-there were a few shots that were really over exposed

-rolling fisheye clips could have been more smooth and whatnot, but I know how hard filming fisheye from a bike can be. I find it best to keep the foot on the pedal on the side the camera is on and instead of pedalling use the other foot to push the bike. it lets you maintain and speed up more smoothly and isn't as jarring as pedalling


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10/20/2015 3:28 PM

Not a bad point to start of at, my suggestions

Less filler clips, don't be afraid to fuck with the song and clip parts out just make it smooth.

Speed up that reaction time, and stay more behind and it could help save your next fisheye.


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10/20/2015 5:08 PM

The only good part was when the camera broke


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