Haro or WTP

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5/1/2017 5:27 PM

I recently sold my bike and now I am looking for a new one.I know Haro and WTP are both good brands but I dont know who t purchase from and wha model. My budgetis $700, please help me decide


5/1/2017 5:45 PM

The Verde Luxe is a badass bike out of the box. I have a 2016 and it's a beast


5/1/2017 6:57 PM

is one of them available local or are you mailordering? If it's local get the one that is or if they both are then test them out see which one you like more.

If you could pick one of them for free which would you get?


Dax in NYC
MD & Flatland rider

5/2/2017 9:27 PM

Canadian online mail order:




The Rockbay guy is super nice and he can get bikes from a lot of different distributors. If you are planning on ordering online I would suggest that you email Brad, Tell him your height and your budget, maybe what kind of riding you want to do and he'll be able to help you out. Maybe ask if he can get you deal on a 2016 model.