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10/20/2013 6:01 PM

Has anyone snapped the 2013 Fiend frames or 2013 WeThePeople frames? Also is it true that eclats only had to warranty like 8 tibia cranks since they've came out?


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10/20/2013 6:05 PM

all parts break. its still 2013, unless its real weak shit its not going to break yet. I've seen a few pairs of tibias break and they only have a 90 day warranty (pretty sure) which is shit.


10/21/2013 7:41 PM

Fiend frames will never snap....Eclat cranks won't snap no matter what you do , Wethepeople make good shit.


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10/21/2013 7:46 PM

Ive been on tibias since they came out, i also love my hollowbites.


10/22/2013 6:17 AM

All parts break, some faster than others, be it a defect or abuse.

Based on the level BMX is at, parts break a lot faster.

And as far as warranty goes, companies could tell you that you are hosed if it has a scratch on it. The companies are standing by their products to help their customers.

Also 90 days is decent in this era. Most parts go through the most abuse in that time frame, so if they are going to break, they will break.

Lifetime warranties are nice BUT they come at a cost. In all technicalities, you could ride that frame for a month, park it, and then break it 5 years down the line and hold the company liable for it, which comes at a big cost for the company. Eastern was hit pretty hard for that very reason, constant warranty costs. (Yes, they had parts break a bunch, BUT to be fair bmx took a very abusive turn when they released lighter parts, which just couldn't handle it-so they even put a warning not to ride heavy street with their lighter frames and people did anyway, causing MOST of the issues and hatred).

Be thankful if the company helps you out at all.


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10/22/2013 9:10 AM

I've been riding Tibias since when they come out, no problems.


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