Head Tube Angle suggestion for a Park/Street beginner...???

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8/28/2016 1:39 PM

I understand that 75 head tube angle is considered 'standard' for all-around BMX riding styles. But I have been doing a lot of research into geometries and watching a lot of Pro Street/Park bmx'ers video parts. I will usually look up what the pro's signature frame is and than see what kind of head tube angle they prefer and are riding at the moment.

Since I am wanting to do mostly street/park stuff...I do know that there is a give/take or Pro/Con when deciding to ride a steeper head tube angle (75+). Street/park tricks like nose manuals, spins, barspins and hops become easier. BUT...at the expense of stability when either going fast, performing bowl/ramp transitions and/or airing out in quarters and ramps.

The part that confuses me....

All of these Pros I see on video....All ride different head tube angles (some standard and some steeper). And yet....It has no bearing what so ever on their ability/skill to do certain tricks that lend to having a steeper HT angle....OR....riding at very high speeds in bowls, quarters and ramp transitions with no fear of stability/control issues.

So....it leads me to think that HT angle isn't as important as I thought it would be and whether it makes certain tricks easier or better. So....My original plan was to start with a 75HT. But after watching videos, researching and looking at how I will ultimately want to ride...

I think I should go with a steeper 75.2 - 75.5 HT angle.

What do you guys think...? Do you think those numbers might be too steep/aggressive for a beginner...?

Any suggestions, tips and advice is greatly appreciated.


8/28/2016 2:14 PM

Ride a pool like chase hawk on a bsd alvx then youll realise every degree counts.
Id say 75 is the happy medium.


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8/28/2016 2:30 PM

You're a beginner, I wouldn't worry about it.

Just find a frame that you like and you'll be fine. There's not a huge difference between 75-75.5.



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8/28/2016 2:39 PM

If you're new you honestly won't feel a difference . 75 is fine , theres plenty of ways to get a more responsive bike than just a frame . Also , half a degree won't make you do double barspins


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8/28/2016 2:53 PM

75 was actually considered pretty steep until very recently. 74 was the old standard with 74.5 seeming a bit edgy. I went from a 74.5 to 75.5 and didn't notice a difference. I notice a much bigger difference with bar height and angle.

It depends what you want to do though really, if by riding park you mean you want to go fast and high out of quarters, then mellower would be more stable. But if you'll be riding mostly nibbley street, then 75 will be plenty steep enough. You can always angle your bars slightly more upright to have the same affect