Headset tight?

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7/25/2012 7:12 PM

I just got my new bike about a 2 weeks ago and when I barspin I feel like my bars are spinning a lot slower than my other bikes is this because my headset is too tight or because it just needs to be broken in?


7/25/2012 7:23 PM

headsets prolly too tight


flys like garbage and crap


7/25/2012 7:30 PM

Alright thanks


7/25/2012 8:03 PM

If you haven't adjusted anything from when you bought it, it probably just needs to be worn in, it happened to me when i bought my bike in 2010 the cranks couldn't rotate smoothly. I didn't adjust anything and they wore in after around 3 weeks riding.


7/25/2012 8:07 PM

hold the bike off the ground or at least the front end and give the bars a good spin. they should spin freely around a few times depending how hard you spun them around. if not, then it is too tight.


7/25/2012 8:19 PM

Alright guys thanks. And if I leave the headset too tight then what would happen?


7/25/2012 8:47 PM

"when i barspin" he says...


7/25/2012 8:59 PM