Help. Mongoose or Free Agent

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12/17/2015 4:27 PM

First off, sorry if this is posted in the wrong section.
I am buying my son(he is 7) his first BMX for christmas and have narrowed it down to either a Mongoose Legion L20 or a Free Agent Maverick. Can anyone give me some advice on whether or not either of these bikes would be better as a first bike?
As a point of interest, the Free Agent is on sale so a little less expensive than the Mongoose. The Mongoose is in the colour he would prefer.
Help please. I dont know anything about BMX...


12/17/2015 4:38 PM

The FreeAgent


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12/17/2015 4:48 PM

Free Agent


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12/17/2015 8:27 PM

Free agent


12/17/2015 8:45 PM

Free agent ....look up tj Ellis on YouTube your kid might be stoked on that


12/17/2015 9:36 PM

Thanks all.
Just went and bought the Free Agent. Now i just have to keep it hidden till chtistmas.


12/17/2015 9:56 PM
Edited Date/Time: 12/17/2015 9:57 PM

Rad dude if you got a local race track that's a good place to start to get your kid stoked on riding , best place to learn bike control


12/17/2015 10:01 PM

Yes. The local race track is about a 10 minute ride away.


12/18/2015 1:55 PM

Awesome hope ur child likes his new bike good choice


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