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6/16/2017 6:03 AM

Hello, I recently bought myself a Haro 100.1, it's fantastic so far. Yesterday on a ride I noticed a mysterious rattling inside the frame. It sounds almost like a rock or something. I think I narrowed it down to one the steel tubes connecting the rear wheel? Any help would be appreciated, but I really don't wanna destroy my bike by cutting holes in XD.


6/16/2017 8:13 AM

Could be a few things. Does the chain rattle against the frame? Do you have a brake, and could the cable be rattling at all? Bounce your bike while holding the bars and follow the sound to try to work out exactly where it's coming from. If it's definitely something inside your frame, work out which tube it's in. Hold the bike at an angle making whatever's causing the rattle to drop close to a vent hole (you might need to take your bb out to do this). Then squirt super glue in the hole to stick the object in place.

Make sure it's not something more obvious like chain slap or brake cables first though


6/16/2017 11:09 AM

Probably a piece of slag from welding, or a bearing. Did you piss off a homie recently? That's a cruel and hilarious prank.

Pop a bar end out, a spot of grease and a bearing. When a bump is hit the bearing flops around. Ting noises and laughter for all but the victim.


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6/16/2017 11:53 AM

no it isn't chain slap, and I ride brakeless. I am gonna try and find where it is coming from. Like you said it is probably slag from welding. Shook the bike and i can see a bearing rattling around through a little hole. Should I take just glue it?